Gravity Motor - Learn how to build your own Gravity Motor

Published: 22nd December 2009
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A Gravity Motor is a piece of equipment that uses magnets to produce energy. It helps you to power your whole household with almost zero cost and without spoiling the environment. The best parts of these machines are that they only depend on magnets and doesn't need any energy source like heat, coal, water, wind or sunlight. This makes it possible them to work for an indefinite period without stopping, producing huge amounts of energy.

It is not difficult to build your own Gravity Motor. However, you need to find a reliable DIY manual and follow all the instructions properly without any problem. The materials used in the magnetic generators are very cheap and are easily available at any hardware store. If you order and buy magnetic power generator it ill cost almost $10,000, but building it at home with your hands will save you lots of money and will cost around $100.

The magnetic generator powers any appliance in your home like the television, computer, washing machine and light. Generally you save around 50% on your electricity bill. However, a larger magnetic generator will work for your whole house and you can completely eliminate your electricity bill.

If you have a large generator and you have extra electricity you can sell it to your utility company. The maintenance cost of these generators is minimal. This machine is installed inside the house so is not damaged by bad weather like solar panels or windmills. It is a small machine so does not need much space. There is no pollution from a Gravity Motor. So go for and save money for yourself.


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